AdvertisementsAdvertisements, Spread the Brand- Reach the Mass

Advertising is to let the audience know about you, it can be anything a business, a school, an institution, NGO or the Government. Whoever wants to reach their prospect audience, require advertisement!

The method of the advertisement can be any, like mouth publicity, print media, outdoor media, electronic media, digital media, etc.

The method of advertising may differ business to business, you require a suggestion and consultation for it, Srujan Infotech’s role is exactly the same, not only we provide the suggestion and consultation but also provide required services for it.

The Services as follows

  1. Newspaper Advertisement.
  2. Bulk SMS Service.
  3. Advertisement on TV Channel.
  4. Advertisement on Radio Bands.
  5. Outdoor advertisement.
  6. Auto rickshaw Back and Hood.
  7. Bus Back and Sides
  8. Light Poles.
  9. Wall Painting.
  10. LED Screen at traffic signals.
  11. Campaign and Promotions.
  12. Canopies with Promoters.
  13. Mobile Vans.
  14. Mobile Hoardings.
  15. Branding on Bicycles.
  16. Bulk What’s App Marketing.