Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Services in Srujan Infotech

Advertisement is as old as the civilization, the modernization and creativity gave it the today’s version.

Every generation has its own way of advertising the business, earlier there were very less sources and resources for promoting and advertising your product and business, spreading mouth words, speaking loudly in the Bazaar, wall painting were the ways, later after invention of print media the Newspaper advertisement, leaflet, pamphlet distribution, banners and posters etc. took place and that fasten up the speed of increment in business popularity.

In later days revolution in Electronics and Telecommunication introduced TV, Radio, Phone, Mobile Phones and now INTERNET, completely changed the concepts, methods and strategies of advertising and marketing.

Now you can see the society has hung up over the internet, using their mobiles, laptops, computers, etc. they work using the internet, they shop using the internet, they order food, they entertain using the internet.

Srujan Infotech provides the methods of digital marketing wherein we promote and popularise your brand in front of these internet savvy people, we find out your targeted customer, promote your product and services to them.

How we do it….

  1. Search Engine Optimisation .
  2. Search Engines Marketing.
  3. Crawling of websites in search engine result pages.
  4. Increasing  Keyword ranking for website.
  5. Social Media Marketing.
  6. Lead generation services